Titan Company Limited


Creative Direction, Production, Voiceover


The Titan Company Limited




We had the pleasure of working with Titan Company Limited, one of the leading brands in the Indian corporate gifting industry. As part of our collaboration, we created a corporate video for Titan Corporate Gifting to help enhance their brand image and outreach efforts. The goal of the video was to showcase Titan's range of premium gifts and accessories that are perfect for nurturing and growing professional relationships. Our team worked closely with Titan to ensure that the video captured their brand values and effectively communicated their message to their target audience.

Titan Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting companies have witnessed tremendous growth in recent years due to the commercialization of the gifting industry. Titan Corporation, being a prominent player in the market, offers corporate gifting solutions to help nurture and strengthen professional relationships.

The company offers a wide range of options, including timeless watches and branded accessories, for corporate gifts. In addition, employees have the freedom to choose their own gifts through gift cards or vouchers from popular brands like Titan, Fastrack, and Tanishq, making corporate gifting a more satisfying experience. Titan recognizes the importance of aligning with the younger generation's preferences and aspirations, which is why they offer premium branded accessories such as Fastrack bags and Skinn perfume.

By doing so, Titan's corporate gifting goes beyond traditional methods, offering modern and innovative solutions that resonate with Gen-Z and millennial employees. The company also places emphasis on corporate social responsibility and invests resources in environment and community betterment. Overall, Titan Corporate Gifting stands out for its commitment to customer satisfaction, employee empowerment, and socially responsible practices.