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Coconut water has been regarded as a "fluid of life" for centuries, owing to its isotonic properties and electrolyte balance similar to human blood. Coconut palms have been cultivated in India for over 3,000 years, and the plant is considered a valuable resource for its oil and nutritional benefits. NaturUP is a company that specializes in producing natural hydration solutions using the water from young South Indian coconuts.

Their state-of-the-art technology ensures that the coconut water is dried, concentrated, and packaged with all the original nutrients and carbohydrates intact.

Consumer Insight

Consumers preferred tender coconut for various reasons, including its cooling properties and nutritional benefits. Tender coconut consumption decreased during other seasons compared to summer, indicating a seasonal effect on demand.

Majority of consumers strongly agreed that tender coconut water was a natural product and that it kept the body cool. They also believed that it was good for their health and that it was free of chemicals. The taste of tender coconut was also a factor that consumers considered when making their purchasing decisions. Consumers who worked in open conditions under the scorching sun consumed tender coconut water twice daily during summer.

Prices had a negatively significant impact on tender coconut demand, whereas the impact of consumers' income was positive but non-significant. This indicates that tender coconut is a normal good, and the demand for it could increase if prices were lower.

Tender coconut water is a preferred hydration solution for consumers due to its natural properties and nutritional benefits. However, the seasonal effect and pricing had a significant impact on consumer demand. Therefore, to ensure a stable flow of income for those who depend on coconut cultivation, processing and value addition play a vital role. The production of new and creative products like packaged tender coconut water can help overcome the problem of seasonality of demand.

In conclusion, NaturUP has developed a natural hydration solution that caters to the needs of health-conscious consumers. Their technology ensures that the coconut water retains all its nutrients and carbohydrates, making it an excellent alternative to artificially flavored and sweetened drinks. By understanding consumer preferences and addressing their concerns, NaturUP can continue to grow its customer base and provide a natural hydration solution that benefits both the consumers and the coconut cultivators.


To summarize, the brand is running ads with a focus on highlighting the natural aspect of their product, which has been identified as a major factor in customers' purchase decisions. The top-of-the-funnel video ads have been successful in generating expected traction of Rs.86 CPA and 5.8 ROAS.

The brand's secondary communication is centered around retargeting customers with high intent retargeting ads that provide more insight into how the product is made and emphasizing its natural properties. Overall, the brand's strategy is effective in communicating the natural aspect of their product and leveraging it to attract and retain customers.