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The Health Factory is a brand that specializes in health foods. The shift in consumer habits regarding bread can largely be attributed to increased public awareness and studies that have shown that plant-based proteins and fats, including those found in wholegrain bread, are linked to a lower risk of mortality. As a result, The Health Factory must adapt to these evolving consumer demands by leveraging consumer behavior studies to develop, enhance, or modify their products to meet the needs of the market.

Consumer Insight

Given this background, our study aimed to address the following question: "What are the factors that contribute to the shift in habits of consumers of processed bread?"

Bread Consumer Behavior

Addressing challenges related to product delivery and service, collaboration among different stakeholders is crucial to ensure more efficient distribution of products, especially in urban areas, to minimize the time and environmental impacts of food consumption, including bread. Consumer behavior has undergone significant changes over the past decade, primarily driven by a growing demand for healthier and better-quality food. This shift is not limited to affluent nations but is also evident in developing countries where the bakery industry plays a vital role. With consumers becoming more informed, they tend to seek products that offer value for money and quality.

Involving the supply chain in the product development process provides bakery companies with managerial flexibility by enabling them to understand customers' needs and adapt to changing market trends. However, it is essential to consider customer behavior and gradual changes that impact the process. With consumers increasingly focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle, well-being has expanded to encompass food quality as well.

Data Analysis

Consumer behavior is influenced by various factors such as the availability of products and the need for information.

These factors play a crucial role in the decision-making process when it comes to consuming whole grain bread. By integrating the supply chain, companies can improve the quality of the links in the chain and become more flexible in adapting to market needs. In addition, it's important to consider the lower Average Order Value (AOV) when customers tend to buy only one pack of bread at a time.

Outcome Decision

To enhance retention and acquisition rates, we implemented hyper-localized deliveries based on pin codes as we expanded our operations. Furthermore, we utilized Google Ads to attract intent-based purchases by targeting customers who had shown a specific interest in our brand's products. As a result, we observed a 66% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and 2X growth on Google Ads, while concurrently lowering acquisition costs. Our team also improved Lifetime Value (LTV) by remarketing subscription sales, leading to a 36% surge in conversions, with a total conversion cost of Rs.223 per transaction. Additionally, 35% of conversions resulted in subscription sales, with an average of 576 orders per month.