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Tea is a globally beloved beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries, with India and China being the top producers and consumers of tea worldwide. Despite high domestic demand, these countries export less than a quarter of their production. Chit Chat Chai offers a variety of curated blends to cater to different moods, occasions, and intentions.

Consumer behavior

According to our study on tea consumers, the majority of them consume tea more than three to four times a day. Among the tea types, dark tea is the most preferred among respondents, followed by white tea and black tea. Surprisingly, the study also found that a large percentage of tea consumers are unaware of the ingredients in their tea.

To obtain tea information, advertisements were the most common source, followed by sales promotions and the internet. Loose tea is the most preferred packaging type, with tea bags coming in second. Almost half of the respondents had no knowledge of their tea manufacturer.

When it comes to purchasing tea, the preferred packaging size varies, with 46% preferring 250 gms and 24% preferring 100 gms. The majority of respondents 58% only purchased branded tea, while 42% purchased both local and branded tea. Finally, almost half of the respondents shifted to a different brand based on gifts, with 14% based on schemes, 32% on quantity, and 7% on quality.

Outcome Decision

Based on the data we gathered, we launched a generic campaign targeted towards the different categories of Chit Chat Chai, and focused on placing the product based on audience research.

The campaign resulted in more than 400,000 impressions for an Add to Cart campaign, with over 5,000 clicks at a cost per click of INR 1.5. The average click-through rate was 5.8%, and we generated 650 add-to-cart actions in the first week alone.